Filmmakers Hope to Pause a Plan to Scrap a Smithsonian IMAX for a Food Court (The Washingtonian)

The experiences of soaring over the Amazon canopy or exploring the depths of the ocean aren’t things most people can count on doing in their lifetimes. But IMAX films at museums like the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History have long provided visitors with the next best thing.

But immersive nature films presented on a huge screen may have had their day at the Smithsonian. The natural history museum’s Samuel C. Johnson IMAX Theater is scheduled to close September 30, to make way for an expansion of the food court, which the Smithsonian says is currently incapable of handling demand from visitors. According to a statement from museum director Kirk Johnson, “The restaurant planned for the West Court will alleviate those pressures and enable families to comfortably spend more time in the museum. The changes to the West Court will also offer more space for public events, displays and educational activities.”

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