Dear Dr. Johnson,


I am writing this letter asking the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History to delay the demolition of the Samuel C. Johnson IMAX Theater.

The Johnson IMAX Theater is the premier venue in the United States dedicated to running the most successful and impactful educational documentary films about the natural world. In a world where nature is slipping farther from our grasp, IMAX educational films have the proven power to educate, engage and inspire a new generation of scientists, environmentalists and defenders of our planet. We need to serve our children ideas at the Natural History Museum more than we need to sell them more food.

I fully understand the desire to find new ways to best serve those who visit the museum. Before such a permanent decision is made by the current museum leadership, I simply ask three things:

First, that the leadership at the museum delay the planned demolition in order to engage in a transparent, public dialogue that solicits feedback from educators, tourism officials, the IMAX film industry and other stakeholders, including, of course the public visitors.

Second, that the museum obtain from the Smithsonian’s business unit, and share, as a public institution, a full financial report of all IMAX theaters owned by the Smithsonian, as well as the rationale for, and expected revenues from, an expanded cafeteria.

Third, I would like to understand why the option of both keeping the IMAX theater and expanding food service was not acted upon.




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