Hundreds of people have added their voices to our cause. Here’s what some of them have to say.

“I grew up in DC. The museum of Natural History is one of my favorites and probably is why I’m a graduate student in Biology now. The IMAX theater is a very unique resource and should be kept.”
Valerie M., Blacksburg, VA


“Sickening news. I think the founder might be turning in his grave with this ill conceived plan. Yet another sad indictment of the times and an assault on education and science.”
– Richard K.


“I have great memories of seeing amazing films at this IMAX, from the first time I visited DC in eighth grade from California, to the years I have lived here as an adult. This would be a huge loss and an expanded cafeteria is NOT a good reason to destroy this wonderful theater. Please save the IMAX!”
– Summer L., Washington, DC


“We can’t keep demolishing DC history to build more things we don’t need. Let it be already!”

– Marguerite B., Washington, DC


“It’s a bad idea to do away with a great and educational theater for expanded food area. Find another option or leave the food area as is. Priority on mental food, i.e., education.”

– Margaret B., Arlington, VA


“This is horrible! I bring my students to this theater every year and it’s such an awesome experience for kids that don’t often get the chance to get to the museums. To learn that it is for more cafeteria space is such a shock and a shame. I would still be horrified even if it was being used for extra exhibit space but at least that is adding to the educational experience, but for severely overpriced food consumption. You should be ashamed!”

– Beth P., Washington, DC


“We love the IMAX as a family and with DCPS students love it as a field trip option.”

– Mark F., Washington DC


“It’s a great experience and is more beneficial then adding more space for food. Like the educational aspect of the IMAX. Lower ticket prices and see how many more people could afford this educational experience instead of having to pick between the high price of food or IMAX experience.”

– Emma E., Woodbridge, VA


“I see a movie here every time I do any nearby stuff, even if its a repeat (idk how many times I’ve seen the hot air balloon, but I still love it). Sometimes being able to see a movie here has helped sway my decision in doing other area stuff e.g. I may not have gone to the Solar Decathlon had I not been able to take a cool, relaxing, mesmerizing (is that enough adjectives) mini-sojourn in the theater. Maybe it should be marketed as a break from all the other activities and frequent events going on nearby.”

– Cecily C., Glen Burnie, MD


“IMAX changed my young children’s view of this beautiful place called earth. I choose education over fries.”

– Kathleen Z., Monrovia, MD


“Films are one of the best ways to learn about history. If they take that away from people it could cause people to not learn. Or want to learn. I have ADD and I am in love with history and films help me learn better than a teacher.”

– Wayne Z., Toledo, OH


“This is wrong. IMAX is a valuable and motivating way to share knowlege about our natural world.”

– Nancy P., Wethersfield, CT


“An expanded cafeteria? What lunatic thought this would be better than a great IMAX theater?”

– Lorraine M., Brandon, MS


“When I took my family that was one of the things that I really enjoyed and my kids remembered. Lines for Education is more important to have than lines for more food.”

– Eric K., San Antonio, TX


“I am shocked that this decision has even been hinted at! This is a crucial part of the Smithsonian experience and not available just anywhere. I am totally against this crazy idea! Food establishments can build cafeterias.”

– Sandra V., Hinsdale, NH


“The Smithsonian is not known for it’s food, nor should it be. The Smithsonian is a place of learning and exploring, and the Samuel C. Johnson IMAX theater has been hugely instrumental in educating and connecting people of all ages, from around the world, about the importance and wonder of the nature that surrounds us…please, don’t take that away. It can have a profound impact on future generations…Save Our IMAX!”

– Rainy B., Dumfries, VA


“Please do not demolish the IMAX theatre! It is a much needed facility within the museum. You have always provided such amazing movies on nature; movies about locations and scenery that many will only be able to see in that setting!”

– Ileana M., Bowie, MD


“We need less snacks and more culturally exciting experiences!”

– Anne R, Orlando, FL


“We have seen nearly every nature movie shown here. Perfect pause during a museum visit. Especially enjoyed seeing popular culture movies in the evenings on that big gorgeous screen. Please keep it open!!”

– Sharon P., Washington DC


“Having knowledge about nature is vital.”

– DeMar, J., Goodyear, AZ


“I am signing this petition because I believe with my entire being that we as Americans should treasure the IMAX and it’s beautiful, eye opening, teachable, and inspirational work of art. Important events and experiences are being closed and demolished daily for less or even objects that this country has over populated itself with. It is time to focus on the bigger and truly better things.”

– Caytlin B., Wichita Falls, TX


“The IMAX is an incredible experience and for some visitors this might be their only chance to see this.”

– Suzanne R., Lovettsville, VA

“We brought our children from San Jose to Washington DC for spring break this year, and we were all in love with the Museum of Natural History. Please don’t demolish the IMAX to expand the cafeteria. The food is mediocre, and the educational value of the IMAX is incalculable.”

– Alison C., San Jose, CA


“As President of a major science center that features a successful IMAX theater, I have witnessed the educational value and resonance of this film system for decades. The educational and vibrant documentaries that we have featured in our theater have supported our mission of science education since 1992. Further, the films have vastly increased the array of subject matter that we can offer based on exhibits only. The giant screen presentation of these natural history films serves to increase their impact upon audiences. I urge the Smithsonian to reconsider.”

– Kim C., Boca Raton, FL


“I’m signing because I think the IMAX theater is far more important than adding cafeteria space. I’m wondering if it’s motivated by a profit motive for the museum.”

-Richard M., Washington, DC


“Because IMAX educational films offer an immersive experience not matched by any other theater.”

– Robert E., North Hollywood, CA


“The Smithsonian is not supposed to be a commercial operation, and it’s not as if there are no alternatives to museum food. This is completely unnecessary, and not worth destroying the best screen in the city.”

– Stephen S., Springfield, VT


“It would be a travesty to remove the IMAX theater and take away from the mission the museum is supposed to provide. Particularly for children.”

– Fred H., Arnold, MD


“I’m signing because IMAX movies are extremely educational and can bring museum items to life. This is more important than an expanded cafeteria.”

– Emily S., England, AR


“The museum’s focus should be on presenting and preserving history, not serving lunch.”

– James R., Plainsboro, NJ


“I have visited the Smithsonian Natural History Museum many numerous times when in the Wash DC area. It is a wonderful informative and educational institution. We do not need another food court in the Mall area. Let us stress education and enjoyment of history and science, not just generate money for another food court. Thank you.”

– Thomas K., Chicago, IL


“As a parent, I don’t want to lose these kinds of amazing educational resources for our kids!”

– Mara N., Orange, CA


“Education and culture is more important than money.”

– Rachel K., Shenandoah Junction, WV


“I’ve been going to the museum since I was a kid and the IMAX was always a wonderful experience!! The food court is more than adequate!! Please invest the money into another exhibit for the Smithsonian; the world could use it!”

– Alexander B., Rockville, MD


“The Smithsonian was founded as “an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge.” Documentary films have the power to educate, not overpriced burgers!”

– Nancy H., Arlington, VA


“Education is more important than food. And with as much land as the Smithsonian owns, why must they choose between a cafeteria and an IMAX theater. Let’s keep both!”

– Sarah P., Galveston, TX


“I’m signing because I am a parent and educator who values the learning power of IMAX mivie experiences for all. We don’t go to the NHM for food, we go to enrich our minds. IMAX movies do that!”

– Crista Z., Clifton, VA


“Who needs another cafeteria for goodness sakes- what business are you in – food? Use the theater and let people go to a restaurant for snacks, not the museum. Even scientists seem to no longer have any common sense.”

– Helene L., New York, NY


“I work in a school and for many pupils in the k-12 curriculum this is their first IMAX experience of science or natural history related topics. They are awestruck by the visual sensation and education they receive and the IMAX experience inspires their creativity. Feed kids fries n burgers for a day or inspire them for life.”

– Mark F., Kansas City, MO


“As a fan of IMAX movies and from my own experience as a mom, it is important for kids to have the opportunity to be transported to places they may not otherwise get to – from the Amazon to the depths of the ocean – and the immersiveness of the IMAX experience, coupled with the visual storytelling, provide uniquely enriching experiences you can’t get elsewhere. Closing down this theatre to make way for a cafeteria is doing a disservice to the citizens of greater DC and the many people that travel to the Capital each year.”

– Christine T., Hermosa Beach, CA


“We need to use our facilities for cultural enrichment and not for catering.”

– Anne D., Pasadena, CA


“We have seen countless, beautiful films at this theater, it is a highlight to any museum trip and a great way to expose any child to the wonders of the natural world, especially if economic or social circumstances prevent them from experiencing them in person.”

– Samantha C., Stafford, VA


“The Smithsonian IMax is an important asset to our rich history and our children and grandchildren experience adventures and learning about natural history. We don’t need more restaurants. We need to preserve our museums in full including this theatre.”
– Jennifer C., Goshen, IN


“Use of the IMAX technology seems like the most effective way to help visitors to the Smithsonian to learn about massive natural vistas. Visitors can see restaurants and cafeterias back home. Many come from places which don’t have IMAX theaters. Keep and use the Smithsonian’s IMAX theater.”
– Tom P.


“This theater was the first genuine IMAX experience I’ve been able to have as a moviegoer and it would be upsetting to see the screen demolished along with many other film goers I got a chance to see some great films in the past”
– Travis H., Washington, DC


“IMAX nature films give kids, and their parents, unparalleled opportunities to see the wonders of nature. Do they really need more to eat rather than these valuable educational experiences?”
– John C., Vancouver, Canada


“Save the theater and leave the cafeteria as is: Expand those young minds not their waistlines!”
– Lucia D.


“IMAX is the amazing and one of the best ways to both entertain and educate at the same time.”
– Eric E., Vashon, WA


“I believe it is incredibly important for young people who live primarily in an urban environment to have an opportunity to ‘experience’ the greater world and in the reality that they may never actually get the opportunity to explore the natural world IMAX is perhaps the closest simulacrum they will ever experience. A cafeteria is not equivalent! Thank you.” – Sally D., Toronto, Canada


“This is *madness*. I’m stunned and appalled.”
– Neil L.


“The IMAX at the museum is fantastic! I’ve been there with classes and it was a once in a lifetime experience for many. Please KEEP the IMAX!”
– Barbara Jane H., Lomita, CA


“I lived in Washington for a number of years and loved seeing the IMAX movies. It seems sad to destroy the IMAX, which educates and entertains, in favor of more space to eat!!”
– Shari F., New York, NY


“Please please save the IMAX theater, I’ve loved everything I’ve seen there, have looked forward to seeing more wonderful films……please allow the theater to stay!!!!”
– Bonnie K.


“I’m signing because I believe that the Imax films provide a unique opportunity to experience the wonders of nature and should be an essential part of this museum. Prioritizing food sales over learning is wrong headed for a museum.”
– Kevin D., Gambrills, MD


“I want to go there someday.”
– Taylor O., North Branch, MN


“We need authentic, objective, educational documentary work and places to view them. Surely there are other places to eat.”
– C Samson, Cedar Springs, MI


“Preserve the IMAX. Serving food is not the core mission of the Smithsonian.”
– Joseph C., Naples, FL


“Parce que les documentaires en format géant sont une expérience sans équivalent et ouvrent en grand les yeux, le coeur et l’esprit sur les grands enjeux de notre petite planète, sans exclusive, pour tous, et grâce à de formidables professionnels à travers le monde !”
– Laurent D., France


“Both children and adults are captivated by the learning potential that.Imax movies can impart.”
– Elizabeth D., Annapolis, MD


“What part of the mission of the national Natural History Museum requires ANY cafeteria? The sheer absurdity of the proposal to demolish the museum’s IMAX to expand an eatery should be obvious to anyone concerned with science, or education. The backers of such a proposal should take time to consider just what their real priorities are, & whether it might not be better for all concerned if they looked elsewhere for employment more suited to their culinary & business interests.”
– Clay C., Arlington, VA


“I’m signing because I love the IMAX and wholeheartedly feel like it is an integral part of the Smithsonian Natural History experience. There are plenty of places in DC to eat..leave the museum alone!”
– April S., Ashburn, VA


“I want to do everything possible to introduce our children (and their parents and grandparents!) to a wider world – to BE THERE – as only the immersive IMAX image can. No other medium can deliver that connection . I can scarcely believe that the museum can even consider walking away from such a uniquely powerful educational tool.”
– John W., Australia


“Why would anyone do such a thing?”
– Gary R., Washington, DC


“As a Media Librarian, I’m stunned that the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History plans to demolish their IMAX theater. In this era of ubiquitous tiny screens, I guess I should not be surprised–but I am disappointed that a national institution devoted to education doesn’t value the viewing experience a theater of this type provides. Please reconsider.”
– Maureen T., West Roxbury, MA


“Natural history is the most important thing for young minds to learn about. I don’t even know anyone who goes to the cafeteria, it’s way too expensive.”
– Zak T., Arlington, VA


“As a former IMAX projectionist in this theatre I have see first hand the impact that this IMAX theatre has all visitors that watch a movie here. This IMAX theatre is important to the mission of the Smithsonian. It would be a true travesty in this theatre closes and a small piece of my heart would be gone. In the heart of Downtown DC the amount of dining options within several walking blocks of the museum make an expansion of the Cafeteria unnecessary. I hope that education and mission win out over revenue and profit.”
– Steve M., Baltimore, MD


“I believe in IMAX!!”
– Sandra K., Toronto, Canada


“After 30 years in the film business it is imperative that the diversity of media be protected and that IMAX continue to be a viable option for viewing certain projects. Every story has a way to be told and displayed that enhances the inherent story line. Many of these stories simply lose value when displayed in the wrong media.”
– Kym C., Uxbridge, Canada


“I’m signing because it would be a travesty to close the Johnson IMAX Theater, a place where children can learn and get inspired to become scientists and curious human beings.”
– Tonia M., Toronto, Canada


“The museum does not need more food services. It’s a second bastion of education outside of schools.”
– Andrew G., Malibu, CA


“This is a disgrace…”
– Michael R., Portsdale, UK


“I saw one of the first IMAX movies ever to be shown at the Smithsonian. Please don’t take this incredible experience away! Choosing to expand your cafeteria rather than furthering the mission of the Smithsonian is a tragedy in the making.”
– Catherine C., Santa Barbara, CA


“The IMAX theatre at NMNH is the last remaining theatre in the DC metro area capable of showing 15/70 film. The quality of digital has yet to match true IMAX film, and it’s heartbreaking that this theatre is being demolished for a cafeteria. Please consider preserving our cultural film heritage.”
– Katelyn A., Takoma Park, MD


“This is the biggest screen in DC, far larger than across the street at Air & Space. It is one of the few screens dedicated to films about the natural world around us. It is SHAMEFUL to demolish it. There is approximately one month a year where that cafeteria is crowded, during school tour season. No reason for this destruction and nonsense.”
– Dan K., Washington, DC


“Keep it. It’s necessary.”
– Sean D., Fresno, CA


“I believe that – educational documentary films about nature is important. More important than a food court. History needs to be kept, not demolished”
– Jessica F., Waltham, MA


“It would be great loss for all Smithsonian visitors to lose the Samuel C. Johnson IMAX Theater.”
– Robert S., Alton, IL


“We need to preserve educational content told through visual storytelling!”
– Shelley G., Long Beach, CA


“What a huge loss this would be to the national mall and the DC museums. We have a chance to continue to be a premier destination for tourists and residents a like who are seeking culture, art, science experiences. We will not be that if we remove this IMAX theater. Please look to the future when many experiences are going to be shown through movies and virtual reality. We will need this theater to keep up with educational technology advances.”
– Kathleen R., Washington, DC


“The museum’s purpose is to educate and to serve the needs of its’ visitors. The visitors have shown that they need more food options (if you have been to the mall, you know there are not many) and are not as interested or excited to see an IMAX film. They are responding to the numbers and the projections they have.”

– Greg M., Denver, CO 


“When people like something, why not keep it?”

– Larry W., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 


“This is such an important screening venue for tourists and natives alike. As a young child, watching movies on this screen left an invaluable impression and helped drive my love for the natural world. Please keep this awesome venue!!”
– Gabriela N., Washington, DC


“We need to preserve our nature and the best way is to inform our public about it. Education is it! No commercial building is to take its place, period. Our water, air and land needs our protection and the best way is to inform everyone on its condition.”

– Mary Anne L., Esparto, CA


“We do not need an expanded cafeteria in this building. The IMAX serves a specific need.”

– Shyamali H., Reston, VA


“We love the IMAX theater! We have seen several movies and it is a wonderful learning experience for our kids. Please keep it!”

– Dorothy T., Harker Heights, TX


“I love that theater. Air and space is not going to play dinosaur or bug movies. We will miss it as a special occasion place and as Smithsonian members.”

– Nancy O., Washington, DC


“Expand the cafeteria outside! What is wrong with you guys?”

– Moniva S., Lexington Park, MD


“I stand with the arts.”

– Katherine S., Charlottesville, VA


“Smithsonian’s goal is education, not feeding people! To propose trading the IMAX for cafe room reflects priorities way out of line. As a Smithsonian member, I say keep the IMAX.”

– Catherine T., Richmond, VA


“There are plenty of food places on the National Mall. There are not plenty of nature-themed IMAXes.”

– Jasmine D., Alexandria, VA


“A cafeteria in place of a theater? No no and no.”

– Brenda S., Englewood, FL


“This IMAX theater is one of my favorite! So many memories.”

– Nick M., Martinsville VA


“The IMAX theater is a powerful educational tool. No matter the age, film can help many open their eyes to a fascinating and spectacular world. Demolishing the exhibit simply for more cafeteria space is absurd. Do we need more overpriced, subpar food? No. We need education and the power of story telling to inspire people.”

– Justine J., Porsmouth VA


“I support the film arts and it’s ability to bring the world to people who may not be able to travel.”

– Gary B., St. Tomas, US Virgin Islands


“Why would you demolish such an important educational center that shows the beauty of our planet for an extended cafeteria … come on really? We really need more food? We need more exposure to the wonders of nature!”

– Patrick K., Huntington Beach, CA


“The world is three dimensional, keep the IMAX!”

– Cynthia M., Perugia, Italy


“IMAX is such remarkable format to educate and inspire all ages! There is no comparable experience that can transport you to magnificent places to explore Mars, the Sun, Amazon, Great Barrier Reef, Egypt, Africa, Everest — places most people will never get to go — IMAX makes it possible! We don’t need another place to eat! We need more places to enlighten, entertain and educate.”

– Kim H., Poquoson, VA


“People’s hunger for knowledge often is great than their hunger for a greasy burger.”

– Marvin D., San Clemente, CA


“The impact of visual arts in education far outweigh the impact of chicken nuggets.”

– Paul W., Santa Rita, Guam


“I’d like to think that brain food is more vital at the Smithsonian that cafeteria food. At the very least compromise with the space and keep the theatre, where else could its presence be more essential?”

– Erin O., Idyllwild, CA


“This is an amazing educational tool both for students & non-scientifically literate adults. In the modern digital age, a tool such as IMAX can break through the chatter & distractions in ways that lectures or traditional museum displays are incapable of doing.”

– Matt Wiesenthal, Short Hills, NJ


“The IMAX is always a highlight of my museum visits. Be brave, keep it.”

– Raif C., Fort Lauderdale, FL


“The IMAX experience was a central part of my multiple experiences at the Smithsonian! Please keep it up and running – it’s a huge attraction to so many!”

– Sarah L., East Dummerston, VA


“I am a physics teacher in Northern Virginia and I know that some of my students join the thousands of people every year who see awe-inspiring films at the IMAX theater in the National Museum of Natural History. I think that it is unconscionable that the powers that be have decided to do away with the IMAX theater. I am not getting caught up in the hysteria surrounding the “…for an expanded cafeteria” part of the story. I believe that the decision simply to get rid of the theater for ANY reason is sufficient to lodge an entry on the petition. Please reconsider your decision to take away an avenue for inspiring generations of students and others in whom an appreciation for the natural world could be inculcated.”

– Jonathan M., Centreville, VA


“Keep the magic of science alive!”

– Anna B., Pelican Rapids, MN


“I believe the Smithsonian should value educational films over chicken fingers.”

– Benjamin T., Rockville, MD


“I love the IMAX theaters, and I support the filmmakers who need an audience so they can continue to educate and enlighten the next generation.”

– Aldeth L., St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands


“Seriously? You are the Smithsonian, not the food court at a mall.”

– Paul D., St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands


“The IMAX is a local treasure.”

– Victoria E., Potomac, MD


“Just SO wrong to take this great theatre out just to make $$ on food! Disgraceful!”

– Rishelle K., Thompson Falls, MT


“La educación de todos, especialmente los mas necesitados, es mas importante que las papas fritas.”

– Elizabeth Q., Washington, DC


“To see the wonders of the natural world in fantastic definition is so important for young people. This technology should be preserved and natured for all future generations. So that our children and grandchildren can appreciate the beautiful world that they are growing up in.”

– Derek H., Burntwood, United Kingdom


“A cafeteria in its place? Oh, I don’t think so!”

– Rob W., South Bend, IN


“It is the museum of Natural History. The IMAX Theater is more important than expanded food options.”

– Shawn O., Washington, DC


“I live in Oxon hill Maryland and Rhode Island and frequently visit the IMAX theater. Please don’t take it away! It is one of my places in DC to take visitors. I personally have taken my great niece and nephew many times. They talk about the movies frequently. It’s our trip to D.C. on the bus. We also go to the butterfly room. Please,please!!! The movies are very educational for kids and adults.”

– Annette J., Newport, RI


“Without history we are doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again. Let’s not be regressive but progressive. Leave the natural history in place for the benefit of learning to better the future.”

– Anita H., McKenzie, TN


“To demolish this would be catastrophic to the future generations of Americans! Why ruin something that’s not broke!”

– Kathy B., Painesville, OH


“IMAX Films offer powerful multi-sensory experiences & very special learning opportunities!”

– Katherine C., Walkerville, MD


“That place is too special to take away and it’s more important than a cafeteria. I have never been there but I would like to see it and I know it’s probably a real neat place with great films.”

– Donna Friedman, Los Angeles, CA


“Education is more important than a bigger cafeteria. And the theater allows for the masses to be effectively educated on important, yet complicated subject matter. Subject matters that are much easier taught in large IMAX format. Even if a bigger cafeteria, were somehow able to allow for more people to visit the museum. The number of individual children & young adults that actually connect & become inspired by their visit will be lowered significantly if the IMAX Theater is removed.”

– Aryan R., Centreville, VA


“NMNH’s IMAX theater is a vital resource for D.C. and the entire nation, and shouldn’t be demolished without an open discussion that includes financial reports and projections and a detailed plan, budget, and timetable for its replacement.”

– James H., Las Vegas, NV


“I’m signing because it is more important now more than ever that kids and adults with increasingly limited attention spans have access to immersive films that inspire the next generation of scientists and astronauts and educate us on the most challenging issues facing our planet today.”
– Morgan M., San Francisco, CA


“I often take my children to this theater. It would be a tremendous loss to the local and national community.”
– Jason S., Arlington, VA


“One of the best visual learning tools.”
– Michael F., Gaithersburg, MD


“This is a much more important resource than selling fast food at inflated prices.”
– Ronald R., Magnolia, DE


“IMAX films are a tremendous way to educate and entertain. I enjoyed them as a kid and still as an adult visitor. I would be horrified if I found food service had replaced the theater. Food has nothing to do with why I go to the museum.”
– Patricia R., Washington, DC


“Knowledge is power. More history. Less fries.”
– Christina M., Washington, DC


“Film can be an incredibly powerful tool in making the wonders of the natural world accessible. In a time when it often feels like there is a war against science, truth and reason, it would be tragic to lose this immersive medium.”
– Anne H., Washington, DC


“There are already too few opportunities to be exposed to the beauty of the natural world. We can’t afford to lose this!”
– Rhiannon P., Washington, DC


“I strongly believe the IMAX Theater and the educational experience it provides are needed much more than an expanded cafeteria. The Food Court in the Ronald Reagan Building is nearby. Please keep the IMAX Theater!”
– Maura M., Arlington, VA


“You can’t demolish a theatre for a cafeteria!!”
– Danielle H., Gainesville, VA


“With this country facing even more budget cuts for the arts, the thought of losing this icon to a cafeteria is not only ridiculous, but an insult to the art, tourism and educational communities!”
– Lisa S., North Hollywood, CA


“This is a historic place to us all! One full of memories to children and adults alike. We must preserve it!”
– Lauren C., Orange Park, FL


“I remember seeing Galapagos at this very theater even after all these years. The sights and sounds of nature that children see at a museum IMAX do stick with them for a long time. Film enthusiasts should sign this as well. I’ve seen a movie in “IMAX with Laser” at Udvar Hazy, and it simply does not provide as clear and detailed a picture on a screen of this size as the old 70mm projector does. This truly is the best projection system in the world–it’s not just marketing–and this is the only one left in the DC area.”
– Robert C., Arlington, VA


“Multimedia in general and this theater in particular is an important component of the museum experience for our family.”
– William S., Washington, DC


“I agree and hope you realize what a jewel IMAX is to the Smithsonian institution.”

– Susanne D.


“Seeing kids happily trying to touch 3D butterflies with their hands outstretched made me smile so big.”
– Valentina C., Italy


“This is an absurdity. The theatre is of far more value than an expanded food court. Please reconsider.”
– Morgan E., Newville, PA


“Its one of my favorites parts of the museum. A huge draw for kids as well”
– Benjamin H., Washington, DC


“There is no cafeteria that can be more valuable to the mission at hand than keeping the IMAX Theatre!”
– Christy H., Buda, TX


“It would be a shame to for IMAX to disappear because of a cafeteria. Let people eat someplace else. This is an educational tool that will be sorely missed.”
– Tamara H., Columbia, MD


“Seriously, a cafeteria?! I have seen a half dozen wonderful films on parks, space and the world, etc. in the IMAX and the last thing needed is more places to eat. The mission of the museum should be to learn and experience and not eat mediocre food”
– Jeff L., Gaithersburg, MD


“I want to keep returning to the museum to LEARN through visual effects and huge movie screens. I don’t want another cafeteria. My kids are toddlers and haven’t had a chance to visit yet.”
– Ruth Y., Frederick, MD


“Please continue with providing the educational value of this giant screen theatre. There is no replacement to the value of this experience.”
– John J., Livingston, NJ


“I love the experiences I have had at that theater. It puts you in the middle of the forest or the canyons and you feel like you’re there! No need for more places for people to go to eat that’s for sure!”
– Lynn L., Potomac, MD


“I want to keep returning to the museum to LEARN through visual effects and huge movie screens. I don’t want another cafeteria. My kids are toddlers and haven’t had a chance to visit yet.”
– Ruth Y., Frederick, MD


“The last thing we need is another cafeteria! The IMAX is an incredible learning tool that should be saved at all cost! Shame on you Smithsonian for even considering this!”
– Kimberly E., Gaithersburg, MD


“I’m signing because to lose this experience will be a great loss to children, individuals and families. Such a loss in countless ways. How short-sighted not to realize it’s importance.”
– Joanne F., Roswell, GA


“This is possibly the worst idea I have ever heard. There are plenty of places in DC near the mall and Smithsonian to buy overpriced junk food. Who needs one more? I cannot imagine donors would support this.”
– Clint B., McHenry, MD


“I’m signing because visiting the IMAX is an incredible learning opportunity we need to continue offering individuals of all ages.”
– Maura D., Arlington, VA


“As someone who has worked at NMNH, I know the vital role the IMAX theater played when it first opened up. I believe business decisions marginalized the theater and put it into a death spiral. This could be reversed with thoughtful consideration of film content, ticket pricing, and how the films are promoted within and without NMNH. PLEASE SAVE NMNH’s IMAX!”
– Margaret K., Reston, VA


“The IMAX theater is a treasure in Washington, DC and should continue to inspiring, teaching and adding wonder to the lives of all who come from all over the world. It is the right thing to do.”
– Diane M., Mechanicsville, MD


“Museums should be museums and educate; cafeterias are incidental.”
– George S., McLean, VA


“The films that are shown are a key to a first rate educational experience people expect at the Smithsonian.”
– Lisa F., Washington, DC


“I have taken George Washington University students to films at the theater on several occasions….how can such an important educational and cultural resource be removed from the museum?”
– Jeffrey S., Washington, DC


“The imax experience opens children’s eyes to the natural world in a unique way which cannot be replicated.”
– Robert F., Ashburn, VA


“We have seen every movie that has played since my son turned 3 (7 years). Food offerings in any museum is typically poor and limited and that is an accepted fact. The movies offer a significant draw, to the museum and enhance visitor experience. People will continue eating in the cafeteria without any expansion, and their experience will not be noticeably improved. Also, larger food service will not draw people to the museum like the films do.”
– Kelly S., Washington, DC


“Films about our natural world are more important than selling more burgers and fries.”
– Arthur C., Washington, DC


“This has become as big a highlight as the exhibits. Schoolchildren, families, and museum goers from Washington, DC, around the country and around the world should continue to have access to this unforgettable experience. Please don’t close it down.”
– Giselle L., Washington, DC


“Our country needs this amazing cultural experience. It allows school children to experience people and places they may never get a chance to experience otherwise. Do the right thing!”
– Jeremy W., Mount Arlington, CT


“I’ve taken my kids there for years to learn about dinosaurs, minerals, fossils, and other cultures. We would always see an IMAX movie to enhance their education as an added bonus. Please reconsider closing the IMAX theater so that other children and adults can experience the joy and educational experience my family has enjoyed throughout the years.”
– Roberto V., Montgomery Village, MD


“My family and I are regular visitors to several Smithsonian museums, but Natural History is our most frequent stop. We regularly see imax films and I was shocked to hear on the radio the museum was thinking of closing the theatre in favor of more cafeteria space. So many school groups are able to see views of the world in that theatre that would otherwise not be available to them. Do not close the imax theatre in Natural History.”
– Calvin B., Waldorf, MD


“As a teacher, I know that it’s important to have this venue for IMAX Nature movies.”
– Paul W., Reston, VA


“I have visited this theater several times. I can’t believe it’s planned to close. I have experienced great adventures in nature through the big screen. I find it very educational and a great attraction for all age visitors.”
– Jose A., Washington, DC


“We need more educational documentaries that stimulate the minds of future generations.”
– Jeff V., San Juan Capistrano, CA


“I’ve seen movies at the Natural History IMAX theater before. In fact, one of them was life transformative. Please recognize the unique treasure that you have. There’s nothing unique about adding a cafeteria and more fast food.”
– Paula A., Virginia


“I am signing this petition because it is critical to have quality documentaries and films. IMAX is a highlight at Smithsonian.”
– Fred L., Rockville, MD


“I am signing because I value science, education, and motion pictures which are completely enveloped by the thrill, joy, and intrigue of IMAX movies at the Natural History Museum. I am 20 years old, and I will never forget the first movie I saw about the wonders of the human body at the Natural History Museum while in elementary school which hugely influenced my journey on choosing to be the doctor that I am working to become. Please do not destroy this magnificent experience for future generations that too will find great impact through the Natural History Museum’s IMAX films.”
– Amari C., Upper Marlboro, MD


“I’m happy with visiting the museum once a year, but it’s the IMAX theatre that brings me back more often. Let the vendors sell the food; let our museums inform and instill a sense of wonder and appreciation for this planet, the universe, our history, and our future. IMAX makes it real.”
– Jennifer K., Ashburn, VA


“This is a great venue and a local institution. Every time I go the theater is full. I can’t fathom why this would be beneficial.”
– Jamison W., Silver Spring, MD


“The movies are fantastic. There is more than space that can be shown on the IMAX screen.”
– Jennifer C., Falls Church, VA


“The IMAX movies are wonderful and should stay, it is a part of every child single experience when visiting the museum.”
– Craig K., Mt. Jackson, VA


“It provides the perfect venue to learn about the diverse environment we live in.”
– Robert W., Centreville, VA


“As a former IMAX projectionist at NASM, I’ve seen that the IMAX format educates millions of children a year. Children that can’t see the wonders of nature or lands far away are given the opportunity to learn in a fun and thrilling manner. Let’s not lose an educational experience that children and adults actually enjoy!”
– Gary W., Haines City, FL


“I have a vision impairment, and I can’t travel independently to nature areas. Going to the IMAX theater is one way for me to experience nature without have to travel. Please reconsider the decision to close it.”
– Karen M., Alexandria, VA


“American children are so immersed in a world of social media, electronic games, and fast food. The outstanding IMAX nature films are one way to expose them to a different reality, and for them to hopefully become interested in the natural world and want to take steps to protect it. Please don’t take away this fantastic educational tool.”
– Mary G., Durango, CO


“It’s unconscionable to take away the premier and for many D.C. kids ONLY IMAX theater where they can experience the natural world in an amazing and inspiring way. And for what? More food court and “exhibit” space? What exactly does that mean? Let’s have some public dialogue about this because the Smithsonian belongs to us all, not just its stewards. I’m especially concerned because the concessions at this museum are already commercial, not healthful, and not locally sourced, so it seems the proposal is intended to replace the IMAX with a McDonalds it equivalent!!! Appalling.”
– Alina B., Washington, DC


“It’s disgraceful to think that a cafeteria will be more useful and educational than this theatre. Ridiculous!”
– Sofia P., Washington, DC


“This theater showcases the natural world’s fragility in a world of ignorance and might in a world of compassion and respect. By instilling a love of nature in its visitors, people understand how connected they are to the environment and their fellow creatures. Without it, Earth’s natural history is just that–dated and out of touch.”
– Alexis N., Fort Washington, MD


“A leading cultural institution should be a leading educational and inspirational facility. There is no better way to complement the SNHM offering than by having a large format IMAX theatre showing a variety of educational and entertaining films to people of all ages.”
– Katherine W., Victoria, Canada


“It will set the whole city back in terms of technology and cause residents to miss seeing very important new films, like In Saturn’s Rings by iconoclastic filmmaker Stephen Van Vuuren. D.C. Should have access to cutting edge films. The renovators need to put the cafeteria someplace else. The Smithsonian needs to have an IMAX screen. D.C. Needs to be up to date. Tearing down the IMAX for a cafeteria is like trading your iPhone 7 for a McDonald’s Happy Meal with a toy phone.”
– Susa M., Van Nuys, CA


“The Smithsonian is a valued institution that has always seeming made great strides in preservation and education. I cannot fathom WHY they would choose to demolish the theater in favor of a cafeteria, especially without an alternate theater in place. This is wrong on so many levels.”
– Iris C., Summerfield, NC


“As a filmmaker with my first major film for giant screen theaters including IMAX, I’m appalled that the Natural History Museum is so short-sighted to demolish a place of learning, inspiration and of dreams. This is not hype – there is science to back it up – shared experiences on the giant screen change us all for the better. Make the right decision – choose what matters vs. what is expedient. HIstory teaches us this if nothing else :)”
– Stephen V., Greensboro, NC


“Here’s food for thought… IMAX films, both educational and entertaining, feed the imagination and inspire young and old alike to be immersed in a world of awe and wonder. Would a slice of pizza and soda do that?”
– Dave R., Austin, TX


“I sign as I am an SI member and am simply appalled at this unwise decision. Heck, just across the mall we have the cafeteria in the Castle and there is an excellent offering in the Museum of the Native American.”
– Frank P., La Plata, MD


“I believe in the educational power of IMAX films and know the loss of this theater will be a loss to visitors from the nation and around the world.”
– Matthew S., Sylmar, CA


“The NMNH is a place where millions have been inspired — and will be in the future if it remains open. The food service plan will not be nearly co inspirational and valuable to our country’s future.”
– Mike L., Laguna Niguel, CA


“Educational tools and access to learning are at the heart of the Smithsonian experience. The goal of these institutions is to feed the mind and soul. Let’s keep it that way.”
– Jessica K., Washington, DC


“The Natural History Museum and its programming are a vital part of our public educational resources. Losing the IMAX in favor of expanded dining space seems like a gross oversight. There are plenty of other places to eat lunch around the Mall; I urge you to maintain your institutions focus and mission to promote education and understanding of our natural world through a variety of accessible forms of media. In today’s video-centric world, slashing IMAX is the LAST thing you should do!”
– Kelly M., Rochester, NY